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Courses Taught by Mike Shapiro

Biology 5510: Evolutionary Developmental Biology

Course description: Exploration of the molecular, developmental, and genetic mechanisms underlying evolutionary change, with an emphasis on current research literature in animal biology. Topics include the molecular basis of natural diversity in body plands, limbs, pigmentation, and other adaptive traits.

Prerequisite: Biology 2030 (Genetics)

This full-semester (3 credit) course is offered annually in the Fall semester and is open to undergraduate and graduate students.


Human Genetics 6091: Evolution & Development

Course description: Topics include regulatory networks and signaling pathways, modularity, developmental constraints, origin of animals, molecular/developmental origin of diverse body plans and appendages, and genetics of speciation. The class consists of both lectures and discussions of current literature. Suitable for graduate students at all levels. This course is co-taught with Profs. Nels Elde, Gabrielle Kardon, and Shige Sakonju of the Department of Human Genetics.

Prerequisite: Graduate standing

This course is offered in alternating (odd-numbered) years in the Spring semester.


Seminal Papers in Biology

Course description: Team-taught literature course designed for students in the Molecular, Cellular, and Evolutionary Biology graduate program.

Prerequisite: Graduate standing

This course is offered every year in the Spring semester.